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Our Leaders

Bill Corless is the designer of the cell and one of the founders of water2gashawaii.com. He attended the University of Maryland in 1980 (Computer Science) and the Community College of the Air Force (Information Systems Management). He served active duty in the Air Force from 1982-1989 where he proudly received the outstanding unit award. After leaving the Air Force in '89 he moved to Hawaii and has been a successful entrepreneur involved with several startups in publishing, computers, and now Alternate Energy.
President - Bill Corless

Bill Lazu

William "Bill" Lazu moved to Hawaii in 1976, where he mostly worked in the financial industry. His college pursuits include Long Island University, Hawaii Pacific University, and University of Hawaii School of Medicine where he has studied Psychology, Engineering and Business. Starting as a stockbroker on Wall St. and later consulting clients on financial and insurance products on Oahu, He won national recognition for his efforts. Bill feels this unit is a small step to relieving our dependence on oil and helps to save our environment.
Vice President - Bill Lazu

Kema Corless

Kema Corless attended Central Oregon Community College in 1984 studying towards a nursing degree. She moved to Hawaii in 1988 and worked for a large insurance company for 15 years. She is the wife of Bill Corless and is inolved with the administration of the company.

Kema Corless


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