For the Fighters


For the Fighters.

Ultimate Cage Fighting (UCF) is the best MMA Promotion in the world. We are a "Free Agent" promotion that means we are for the fighters, not for selfish businessmen.

The UFC and Bellator organizations for example sign fighters to exclusive contracts. This is known as "Fighters Prison". As a fighter, you must work out your contract, and you cannot simply fight where you want.

At Ultimate Cage Fighting, we believe in keeping our fighters by being the best and making it attractive to fight in our organization. Every fighter who joins our organization is a free agent, and can fight where-ever and with any other "free-agent" organization that they want to. Fighters should never sign a contract with organizations like UFC or Bellator, unless they want to lose that freedom.

However if you are already in a contract relationship, we encourage you to fulfill your contract first, before you leave that organization, and before signing with us.


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