Alan Pfleuger

Mission of Bank
Passion for Winning
What I like Most
What Sets Hawaii Apart
Its easy

Austin Imamura

Best Part
Mission Of Directors
PRB's Role
The Name
Unique Game Plan
Final Thoughts

David Kowalski

A Passion for Healthcare
Decision to serve as Bank Director
First Ecounter with Hawaii
How Sports Shaped Me
Our Vision and Mission for the Bank
Vision For Hawaii
What Dave Does

Ernest Lum Keeping Balance in Life
Our Vision
Pacific Rim Bank - First Contact
Philosphy for Living
The Trust Of People In Hawaii
What I've Learned
Kelly Rosati My Contribution
Our Purpose
Pacific Rim Bank - First Contact
What it is about Hawaii I Love
What Kelly Does
Mark Southwick Our Greatest Strength
Pacific Rim Bank - First Contact
Ties to Hawaii
What I Have Grown To Love About Hawaii
What Sets Us Apart
Dwayne Betsill

First Contact
My Dad
My Origins
My Passion
Pacific Rim Bank's Values
The Board of Directors
The Goal of the Bank
What I love about Hawaii
What it takes to be a Director
What would you tell someone regarding PRB

Steve Metter

Banking; New Model
Ease of Use of Web
Giving Back to Community
Hawaii; What I love
Passion for Hawaii

Tom Ritchie

Beginnings With Austin
Hawaii Origins
Our Vision
PRB unique; what sets them apart
Revolutionary Project
Talk with those who don't know us
Vision for future of Hawaii